In a world-class city like London, there’s no shortage of attractions, restaurants, shops and open-air markets to explore. To inspire your next adventure, we put together a collection of our favourite photos of this historic city.


Photograph by Steve Collins

From Charing Cross Bridge, look out towards Elizabeth Tower, more commonly known as “Big Ben”—the famous nickname given to the clock’s bell.


Photograph by Steve Collins

From St. Paul’s Cathedral—the highest point in London—cross over the Millennium Bridge for buskers and breathtaking views.


Photograph by Steve Collins

Beneath a stunning Victorian roof is the historic Leadenhall Market. Here you can browse the many stalls selling everything from produce and cheese to fresh flowers and artisan wares.


Photograph by Steve Collins

There’s no better way to get around London than the tube. Today’s London Underground map has remained relatively unchanged from the 1933 original, designed by employee Harry Beck.


Photograph by Steve Collins

In Covent Garden, a district on the eastern edge of the West End, you can watch street performers, pop into boutiques, hang out in trendy bars and stroll the stalls at its famous 17th-century market.


Photograph by Steve Collins

Head to Duck & Waffle, located at the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, to take in its grit-meets-glam decor. This popular spot is the highest restaurant in London and offers spectacular views from dusk until dawn. Bonus: it’s open 24 hours.


Photograph by Steve Collins

Spend a rainy afternoon talking to vendors and shopkeepers, like this barber at Hobbs Barbers Shop, at the Borough Market in Central London.


Photograph by Steve Collins

In the evening take a walk down the illuminated Carnaby Street, a pedestrian shopping area in the heart of the West End.


Photograph by Steve Collins

An officer (a.k.a. “Beadle”) of the world’s smallest police force keeps watch for whistlers and singers at the ornate Burlington Arcade. Don’t try your luck, these actions are prohibited here—a ban that stems back to the 1800s when “industrious women” would whistle to alert pickpocketers that the police were approaching.


Photograph by Steve Collins

Home to more than 80 restaurants, London’s bustling Chinatown is a foodie’s dream. After your meal, spend some time soaking up the area’s wonderful sights, smells and sounds.