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Online Ad Types

  • Leaderboard
  • Big Box
  • Companion
  • Site Takeover
  • Featured Partner
  • Contest Partner

    Partner exclusively with our popular monthly contests WestJet Magazine and away or look it WestJet Magazine

    • Max file size 40kb, RGB, 72 dpi, jpeg, png, gif or swf.
    • Third-party server accepted.
    • SWF ads need to have URL links in file.
    • No sound.
    • Please include an image still with your SWF submissions.
    • Please include URL separately with file submission if not SWF file.
    • Include a 1 point stroke around the edge of the ad.
    • Client must include flash video (FLV) if built into flash files.
    • Client is allowed to send in working files (FLA).
    • Client must ensure ‘click through tags’ are correctly built and working.
    • All material is due at least 10 days prior to posting date.

    Recommendations: maximum 25 words and minimum 12 point font for legibility.

  • Advertorial Package


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