Six expériences de magasinage essentielles à Montréal

Influence française oblige, Montréal est le meilleur endroit pour apprécier la mode intemporelle, du style urbain au prêt-à-porter.

l’espace Pépin

The streets are full of unique boutiques, high-end department stores and chic finds; it is the ultimate destination for fashion victims. Here are six essential experiences.

Creations from Montreal, internationally prized

The great couturiers of Montreal are known outside the province and are well represented in fashion capitals like New York. However, those looking for local fashion will find it here, in the territory of fashion designers. Those who want to brave winter without sacrificing style must visit the first autonomous store of Mackage , a brand known for its clean outerwear. WANT Les Essentiels offers accessories in leather goods for men and women as well as knitted items for men by the twins Byron and Dexter Peart.

Barbie inspiration

The Barbie Expo , with its 5,000 square feet of space inside the Cours Mont-Royal, is not child’s play. It is the largest permanent Barbie exhibition in the world; it presents more than 1000 dolls carrying models of great couturiers like Armani and Zac Posen.

Truck shops

In other cities, there are street food trucks. Montreal decided to launch a walking fashion. Fashion trucks like those in the Nomad mobile store , well stocked with local creations, jewelry and decorative items, tread asphalt all over the city and give street style a whole new meaning.

Custom scents

The most chic women in the world know that elegance is not just about clothes; the perfectly matched scent adds a certain je ne sais quoi. Create your custom perfume in an Essence Workshop with Ruby Brown, former model, who learned perfumery in Grasse, a small town in France recognized as the world capital of perfume. In this two-hour workshop, participants create their own scent by choosing each of its ingredients.

Shop paradise

With some 1,200 stores over 11 kilometers, most of them concentrated on a three-kilometer strip, even the most devoted shopkeeper cannot exhaust all the options of therapy-shopping on Sainte-Catherine. Make sure to include on your shopping list the 10,000 square foot Aritzia area and La Maison OGILVY , a five-story department store and great lady for luxury items since 1866. Another must-see is the banner store of the Simons chain , the least well-kept secret of affordable fashion in Quebec.

One of a kind in Old Montréa l

The narrow and cobbled streets of Old Montreal are charming, certainly, but they are also full of clothing and jewelry from local and international artists whose creations will distinguish you from customers of the big chains. Take a walk on St-Paul Ouest, stopping at Espace Pépin for handmade jewelry and unusual household items, at the Chance boutique for pretty French imports and at SSENSE for high-end clothing and accessories bold for men and women.