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B.C.’s biggest underdog resort is full of surprises

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Voykin

RED Mountain, in Rossland, B.C., is an impossible ski resort. At 3,850 acres, it’s one of the 10 largest ski resorts in all of North America but remains independently owned in an era of massive mergers and acquisitions. It’s also the oldest resort in Western Canada but boasts many new upgrades, including a new chairlift, boutique hotel and modern hostel (located a snowball’s throw away from the chair). Clearly, RED is not your standard “megaresort”— even if its trail map now spreads wide enough to cover two massive spreads.

The main reason a skier or snowboarder would want to head to Rossland this winter—despite possibly having other resorts within driving distance of their doorstep—is to rediscover what made them fall in love with snow-sliding in the first place.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Flett

At RED, this fuzzy feeling comes off the ancient basement ski lockers that were painstakingly preserved when the lodge was renovated so grandfathers could pass them down to their favourite granddaughters. It’s in the cheeky off-piste signage that warns “Trees Don’t Move” and bold boasts like “#1 Acres Per Skier.” It’s in the beautiful and brand-new architect-designed hostel named “Nowhere Special.” It’s in the lunatic smiles plastered on the faces of everyone on RED’s slopes—even the crustiest, dreadlocked ski bum whose last fixed address was a camper in the day lot. It’s certainly in the no-BS, real-town charm of mighty Rossland (a small city built during the gold rush that once boasted 22 brothels.) And it’s definitely in the $10/run cat skiing on the flanks of rugged Mt. Kirkup. (Or, $7.50 US thanks to a very generous current exchange rate.)

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Flett

A big part of RED Mountain’s rugged charm—aside from those steep tree runs, powder that lasts longer than your legs, clear Canadian mountain air and lovable locals—actually lies in its blustery independence. As the last five years have seen countless independent resorts snapped up by corporate acquisitions, RED has firmly planted its indie flag. In fact, when the resort was looking for capital to finance its new chairlift, terrain expansion, hostel etc., it decided to reach out to its most faithful fans and sold real, Class D shares in the resort in a first-ever crowdfunding campaign called—what else?—“Fight The Man. Own The Mountain.” RED raised over $2.5 million that helped guarantee control over its own purse strings for years to come. And now, folks from professional snow shovellers to serious, C-Suite executives can ride the chair together and bask in the knowledge that they’re both “owners” of this one-of-a-kind experience.

“Authentic” might be the single most fly-ridden word in marketing circles, but big brands spend millions to try and buy the kind of authenticity that RED Mountain Resort has in spades. A week here will run you about the same as a weekend at one of McSkiing’s many options. And everyone who visits RED will have fun— from a toddler in a pink gumball helmet to the most jaded big-mountain veteran who thinks he has “skied it all.” (Trust us: he hasn’t!)

Join RED’s #AllFriendsOnaPowderDay with their new 300 acre terrain expansion and chairlift this winter for a chance to win big at www.redresort.com/allfriends

RED Mountain Resort
4300 Red Mountain Rd
Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0
(250) 362-7384

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