Your Packing Tips

We asked you to Tweet and Facebook your best packing tips and here they are!


We asked you to Tweet and Facebook your best packing tips and here they are!

Last week, we asked folks on Twitter and Facebook to send us your best packing tips. You rose to the challenge!

We have distilled your wisdom into the following tips.

Thank you for sharing with us. Now, go forth and travel!

Roll everything and don’t worry about wrinkles

“I roll all my clothes up, and then put a hair elestic around them. Keeps the wrinks out of them and makes them easy to find.” – Julia Herperger, Facebook

“My favourite tip is to roll up my clothes as tight as possible in baggies. This keeps them separated, as wrinkle-free as possible, and I can fit as many in as I need and see them easily so I know exactly what I have.” – Heather Winter, Facebook

Coordinate, with yourself and with your travel companions

“Create outfits and alternate singles to change the look of your outfits before packing. And make sure all shoes match multiple outfits.” – @gr_8xpectations, Twitter

“Coordinate with fellow travellers. I always plan with my girlfriends to have one person bring shampoo, another a hair dryer, another a flat iron, etc. No need for each of us bring everything.” – Shelley Burgoyne, Facebook

Be realistic and be prepared

“Be realistic, don’t overpack! Think about what you couldn’t get where you lands: meds, glasses, etc.” – @ErinStorey, Twitter

“It is wise to have a change of clothes (underwear, sock, Tshirt, toothbrush…) and essentials in your carry-on.” – Emma Gnuel, Facebook

Brings items you can leave behind

“What  I do sometimes… now don’t laugh but sometimes I pack undergarments that I can just dispose of automatically without having to pack them again.” – Eva McKaeff, Facebook

“Like Eva, I also pack underwear and socks that I don’t plan on bringing back.” – Marcello Di Cintio, Facebook

Pack once, unpack and try again

“I pack once and then re-pack. The first time is so I don’t forget anything. The second time is downsizing. I force myself to be realistic as to what I will actually wear.” – Karlee Stewart, Facebook

And the best of the rest:

“My daight bought one of those vacuum bags! Incredibly good but there is a knack in packing it, too.” – @ddrummondscott, Twitter

“‘When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.’ S. Heller” – @freshtracker, Twitter

“Tuck the smaller clothes into any packed shoes.” – Heather Winter, Facebook

“Wear your heaviest items on the plane. Even in summer, layer up.” – Shelley Burgoyne, Facebook

“How you look is less important than what you are looking at.” – Roxanna Mandryk, Facebook

Poll results

Almost everyone who answered our call for packing tips had one thing in common: travel light. The results of our poll were the opposite – the majority of answers were from people who erred on the side of overpacking or at least carrying the largest suitcase they could.

Hmm, there must be a happy compromise?

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