Titanic 100

Visit these historic sites to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the event


This month marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the infamous ship some 600 km off the coast of Newfoundland on April 15, 1912. Seek out these historic landmarks in Canada’s easternmost provinces.

Cape Race, Nfld.

Visit the site of the wireless station that received and relayed the ship’s distress calls. It was rebuilt and named the Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre (after Jimmy Myrick, who, according to local folk lore, heard the first distress call). It is the focal point for a series of commemorative events this month, including a reenactment of the fateful night.

St. John’s, Nfld.

232 Photo courtesy of The Rooms.

Visit the Johnson GEO Centre’s Titanic exhibit, then head to The Rooms Provincial Museum to see sobering artifacts such as a recovered lifejacket. Book a room and a Titanic-themed dinner at Ryan Mansion Boutique Hotel & Spa, a B&B with a majestic staircase, built by the same Belfast craftsmen who fashioned the ship’s grand staircase.

Halifax, N.S.


Three ships were dispatched from Halifax to aid in the recovery of the victims—150 of whom were laid to rest in three local cemeteries. With directions from the city’s tourist bureau, visit the gravesites as well as the churches where memorial services were held. The Bedford Institute of Oceanography features a dramatic model that shows Titanic as she is today.

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