See Whitehorse from treetops with a ziplining adventure

Wildplay Yukon offers suspended obstacles on the Mt. Sima hillside


Several balance beams, ziplines and tightropes obstacles are behind me. I’m feeling confident about making it this far on the above-the-treetops, high-adrenaline Yukon obstacle course.

But I’m about to head into the next level of Monkido Aerial Adventure Courses. In front of me, a participant hangs, literally twisting in the wind, too exhausted to respond to the words of encouragement from below. In front of him, a woman has burst into tears trying to navigate the sliding log.

They did warn us that the suspended obstacles would increase in difficulty—and elevation. Participants are approaching from behind. I pretend I’m not afraid, as somehow, the man makes it to the next platform. But I’ve been watching; I keep my arms high on the ropes and hold steady. No problem. Triumph! I make it across and turn around to pass my tips on to the next participant. “Grab the ropes up high! Don’t turn sideways!”

WildPlay Yukon opened in Whitehorse on June 1 with 36 suspended games, some up to 18 metres off the ground (yes, you are in a safety harness) and a smaller-scale (and lower-height) kids’ 12 game course. The views are spectacular. So is the adrenaline.

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