Ride down Mystic Mountain’s bobsled track in Jamaica

Coolest runnings



It’s a classic fish-out-of-water story: how the Jamaican bobsled team tried to take on the world at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and was later immortalized in the film Cool Runnings. The tale is charming enough when you’re reading newspaper clippings about the team’s heroics in the tiny museum next to Jamaica’s Mystic Mountain’s bobsled track, but it’s a screamer when you’re hurtling through a rainforest of twisted Dr. Seuss-like trees on a roller coaster of sorts. Granted, there are no near-vertical drops or 360-degree loop-de-loops, but when you’re zigzagging around blind corners at 48 kph while being teased with quick peeks at the ocean hundreds of metres below you—well, it’s a heart-thumper. And it doesn’t help matters that you must personally control the speed with hand brakes (note—most riders don’t use them as you’re warned you could create a pileup). The adrenaline kick doesn’t end with the bobsled ride. Right next to the stainless steel track is a series of five ziplines (one with a 10-metre vertical drop) loved by all Tarzan wannabes. (Bobsled US$68.20; rainforestadventure.com)

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