Magnetic North Theatre Festival 2012

Celebrate live theatre and Canada's cultural diversity at the 10th anniversary of MNTF


Indulge in some of the best Canadian theatre performances with Magnetic North Theatre Festival June 13-23, 2012 at the Epcor Centre in Calgary, Alta. Here’s a brief description of the nine plays and other events. For more information on tickets and prices, visit:

The Line-up

Oil & Water

Written by Robert Chafe, Oil & Water is a story based on the true story of Lanier Phillips, the only African-American survivor from the shipwreck of the USS Truxton in 1942.


Ignorance is a documentary by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop about the evolution of happiness–Where did we go wrong and how do we find our way again?

Blue Box

Blue Box is a play written and performed by Carmen Aguirre about her life as a revolutionary in Chile, fighting the resistance movement.


One/Un is play by Mani Soleymanlou about his journey from Iran to Montreal through various cities, searching for answers about his Persian origins. How do we define what we are, where we are from?

White Rabbit/Red Rabbit

This is a piece written by Nassim Soleimanpour, performed by a different Canadian actor each night, each performing a script about the Islamic Republic of Iran that they’ve never seen or read before the show.


Christopher Morris explores the clash between Inuit and colonial culture through the lives of teenagers in Pond Inlet, Nunavet in this play.

Hamlet (Solo)

Raoul Bhaneja plays seventeen parts in this classic Shakespearean play.

Paper Series

This is a collection of six short plays, all about how we use paper to create, amuse, define and communicate.

Rick Mercer-A Nation Worth Ranting About

In this show, Rick Mercer pokes fun at Canada’s institutions and draws attention to hardworking, unsung heroes.

Magnetic Encounters

This event gives the audience a chance to chat with performers outside of the shows and get to know them a little more. Magnetic Encounters includes a concert, readings, civic engagement, installations, and in-depth discussions around practice and creativity.


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