Gear Review: Scottevest and more (w/ Video)

up!'s latest initiative is a monthly gear guide, where we review the latest products on the market for travelling. Each of the following items have been test-driven by up!’s roving reporters, so read on for the good, the bad and the downright ugly.


Custom-Engraved Luggage Tags



If you’re constantly losing plastic luggage tags, try these custom-engraved tags available at Derry & Wallis. A nod to elegant steamer-trunk-travel, they’re easy to snap on and off. Use them as key rings, luggage tags—anything to make you stand out. Available in sets of three with engraving included.



Price: $44



Reviewed by: Deb Cummings

Field of Flowers Dress

Reviewed by: Deb Cummings

Price: US$70

It’s an odd fit—a flowered frock in the backcountry? Yet, that’s exactly where Nuu-Muu’s Fields of Flowers belongs. I wore this ultra-stretchy, super-lightweight, poly-spandex dress over black tights and a turtleneck while I hoofed around the Rockies last fall and had hikers stop me, demanding where I’d found such a slip of fun. It’s a great cover-up for those with bulges, and is versatile enough to double as over-bathing-suit beach gear or a running dress.

Hex Sunglasses

Reviewed by: Adam Trinh

Price: $90

Every traveller needs a good pair of shades. For a top-notch pair, try the shatterproof and scratch-resistant Ryders Eyewear Hex. These lenses are not only polarized but photochromic, meaning the tint adjusts to the lighting, the same tech behind transition lenses. The temple tips and nose pads are comfortable and hydrophilic, able to withstand sweat and rain so they won’t slide off.

MLC Wheelie

Reviewed by: Deb Cummings

Price: $230

It may be a lightweight (a smidge over 5 lbs.), but Patagonia’s nifty MLC Wheelie has super-durable wheels and a burly handle—making it a great choice for a short trip. I schlepped it over Banff’s snowy curbs and it didn’t wobble and spin like so many others. You’ve got to be a ruthless packer to survive on this super-slim wheelie, but if you use the many zippered compartments you’ll love being this compact. With backpackers in mind, you can use the padded straps and heave it over your shoulders. It’s not comfy enough to haul up a mountain but it’s perfect for short jaunts.


Reviewed by: Scott Lazenby

Price: $25

For decades, I’ve gone through two disposable razors a week, at about $4 per blade. On a lark, I picked up a Razorpit in early September and was able to use the same blade for five weeks, saving about $40 in razor costs. It’s key that you keep the blade clean by rubbing it in on the rubber Razorpit a dozen quick strokes a day, but, other than that, there are no tricks.

Scottevest Revolution Plus

Reviewed by: Adam Trinh

Price: US$200

The Scottevest Revolution Plus is the latest in a long line of clothing aimed at packing everything you may need for a short trip into a jacket. This model features 26 pockets, including one large enough for an iPad, removable hood and sleeves and is completely waterproof. One major caveat is it does take some practise to pack and wear a fully stocked jacket.

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