Full-moon rafting with HorizonX

Rafting by moonlight


Get your adrenaline rush by rafting the Ottawa River’s world-class rapids by moonlight. Based in the Outaouais (West Quebec) region, HorizonX offers full-moon rafting excursions, from flat to Class II rapids. Paddling this mighty river at night, you see silhouettes of white pine trees framing constellations and perhaps an osprey flying overhead. Suddenly, you hear it: the pounding of rapids. The metallic scent of cold water, the kiss of spray on your face, and darkness impedes your eyesight. HorizonX owner and guide Martin Bertrand steers the raft to an outcrop of Canadian Shield. Pausing, he examines the safest descent, then yells, “Backpaddle, my friends! Now, paddle! Paddle harder!” The rafters obey, surging through churning whitewater. Once through, laughter erupts. And, senses at the ready, everyone’s up for the next grand chute. ($130 per person, requires two nights camping)

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