Calgary Stampede: Stomp the grounds in style with these fashion tips

How to put together a country-chic look for the big bash


Frantically looking for that perfect pair of cowboy boots? Well, don’t.

Cowboy attire is perfectly appropriate for Stampede, but do you really want strangers tapping on your shoulder, mistaking you for their friends because everyone looks the same? Do away with the plaid shirt and plain hat, and stand out in stylish western-inspired wear.

Kim Flanagan, a Calgary-based stylist and fashion columnist at CBC Radio, gives us some tips on how to suit up for the 100th anniversary bash.


Details matter when putting together a Stampede wardrobe. Flanagan suggests adding a bold statement jewelry piece, whether it’s a necklace or earrings, beaded or feathered. Belts are also a great way to switch up any look and feel Stampede-ready.

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Add a splash of colour

Plain denim is boring. This is a party, afterall. Ditch the basic blues and go for coloured or floral denim. For a fun look, throw a jean shirt over sequined leggings and boots.

“Just remember that leggings are not pants, so make sure your topper tops and covers,” says Flanagan.


Give the ubiquitous cowboy hat some personality with your favourite brooch, peacock feathers or flower pin. If you really don’t think you can pull off the look, try a feathered headband or beaded hair accessory for a western touch.

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Go dressy

Flanagan’s go-to look is a simple white sundress. Just add a denim jacket and you’re ready to rock. Also popular is the “hi-low” or “mullet” skirt. For an easy party look after a long day, pair your favourite cocktail dress with a pair of boots and a jacket or vest.

Think outside the cowboy boots

If traditional cowboy boots aren’t your thing, wear a pair of flats with details, like the red bandana sandals from Old Navy, with cuffed skinny jeans or a simple sundress.

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For more western-inspired wardrobe ideas, visit Flanagan’s board on Pinterest.

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