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Valerie Howes is a food, travel and health writer based in Toronto. She writes for a variety of Canadian publications including the National Post, Toronto Life, Best Health and Canadian Living. She left her home country of Scotland when she was 15, loves learning new languages and grabs any opportunity to visit Newfoundland.

Coolest place you’ve ever visited and why: The jungle in Belize. The nature there was so intense, from the weeds that grew a foot a day to the tarantulas that haunted my dreams to the howler monkeys that growled like lions in the wee hours each day.

Favourite travel memory: Milking goats at the farm-to-plate pizzeria Bonavista Social Club at Amherst Cove, Newfoundland, then photographing icebergs in nearby Bonavista until my fingers went numb—the perfect morning of unplanned adventures.

Best travel advice: Take a carry-on so you can zoom through the airport.

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