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Lisa Monforton is a Calgary-based writer, whose work has appeared in many newspapers, magazines and online publications across Canada. Always scheming her next trip, Lisa is crazy about travel because she loves the ‘wow, I didn’t know that’ moments, meeting new people, seeing amazing scenery, tasting new foods and drinks, and learning about new cultures.

Coolest place you’ve ever visited and why: A little fishing village just an hour outside of Hong Kong called Tai-O. We rode our bikes around this tiny place where people live completely off the bounty of the sea. All the houses are on stilts along the water and there are small boats moored off everyone’s ‘backyard.’ It felt as if we were in another world.

All-time favourite souvenir: A painting by a Haida Gwaii artist that I bought in Tofino. I love Aboriginal art.

Must-pack item: A colourful pashmina that doubles as a shawl, scarf, a pillow, foot warmer (on the plane) and dresses up neutral travel clothes. And a roll of duct tape, which as everyone knows has 1,000-plus uses.

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