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Kat Tancock is a Toronto-based writer and owner of content marketing company, Tavanberg. She’s worked for publications like Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living, Canadian Business and Ensemble Vacations. A lover of learning languages, Kat’s proudest moment in recent travels was successfully pronouncing the Georgian town Mtskheta.

Coolest place you’ve ever visited and why: The Blue Lagoon gets all the attention, but my favourite hot springs moment in Iceland was the tiny, middle-of-nowhere Krosslaug, just big enough to fit a few people.

All-time favourite souvenir: I have such an extensive collection of stylish souvenir dish towels, I’ve had to impose a moratorium.

Favourite travel memory: Sledding the six or so kilometres from Preda station to the town of Bergün, Switzerland, before stopping at the ice bar for a hot toddy—then repeating.

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