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Joanne Sasvari is a food, drink and travel writer based in North Vancouver. She writes for a variety of publications and is the former president of the Travel Media Association of Canada. Certified by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Joanne is an expert in cocktail culture and has judged numerous cocktail competitions. Travel allows her to savour the world’s wonderful banquet of flavour, culture and history.

All-time favourite souvenir: I love the soft, grey Peruvian blanket I found at the market at Machu Picchu, but the sandals I bought in Capri, Italy, hand-made by the same cobbler who made Jackie O’s footwear, are a close second.

Favourite travel memory: A midnight barrel tasting of Louis XIII cognac at Domaine du Grollet, the Rémy Martin chateau in Cognac, France. Some of the eaux de vies in the blend were more than 100 years old; we were literally taking sips of history.

Best travel advice: Pack less—in fact, tuck a roll of bubble wrap in your suitcase. It’ll stop you from taking too much stuff, plus you’ll have something to wrap any breakable souvenirs with.

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