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Dan Clapson is a (proudly) Saskatchewan-born food writer based in Calgary, Alta. He’s written for many media sources like The Globe and Mail and Food Network Canada and also appears on television and radio programs across the country. When he’s not travelling the world in search of great food and drink, he loves spending time in the kitchen with some of Canada’s top chefs.

Coolest place you’ve ever visited and why: In Canada, I’ve really fallen in love with Winnipeg. It’s a city that’s overlooked a lot by travellers, yet it offers so much in terms of food and culture. Internationally, I never tire of the intense hustle and bustle of London.

Favourite travel memory: Going to New York for the first time as a teenager. It was snowing a lot (well, in New York terms) and the entire city shut down. Being in Times Square with hardly any people or cabs around was so surreal and will be imprinted in my mind forever.

Best travel advice: Don’t plan every detail. Some structure is great, but spontaneity is half the fun.

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