Q&A: Chantal Kreviazuk

The songstress on her charity work and her next album



Hails from

Winnipeg, Man.

Best known for

her singing and songwriting, fervent activism and humanitarian work for a number of different charities and organizations.

On how she gets involved with her many charities including War Child

“Whether it’s this cause or any of the causes that I become passionate about, it’s usually because there is something propelling me beyond a spiritual level, or it’s somehow touched my life. There are so many great initiatives in the world.”

On recently revisiting her 1999 album, Colour Moving and Still, for which she won two Juno Awards

“I listened to my second album about a year ago and it freaked me out… I listen to it now and I know what goes into making a record and I think, wow, that’s not easy to do, and how did I do that when I was only 25? It’s weird that who I was is inspiring me now.”

On her Michael Jordan moment early in her career

“I got kicked out of one band; we did a battle of the bands and I was horrible and the guitarist, I think he wanted to be the frontman. They were my friends, but they kicked me out.”

On writing a new album

“I go back and forth between making an album that’s on the same path as my other albums, or an album that is leaning to more jazz or soulful. Part of me just wants to go crazy and do this rock/boho Florence and the Machine-type thing, and part of me wants to do something that’s really poppy-soulful, so I am trying to figure that out right now.”

Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida will receive the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award at the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards gala on March 22 in Toronto, as part of Canadian Music Week’s 30th anniversary celebrations.