Fly Top Gun-style with Fighter Combat International

Touch the sky

Want to embark on your own highway to the danger zone? Be your own Charlie, Maverick or Goose in a Top Gun-style flight of a lifetime in Mesa, Ariz. with Fighter Combat International. Pull up to 8 Gs and do aerobatic loops, tilting dives and other gut-churning manoeuvres in a fighter jet while zooming at another aircraft in an old-fashioned dogfight. You don’t need any previous flying experience but you will need nerves of steel to make the most of the half-day Advanced Air Combat Mission package (US$1,195). After an in-classroom briefing, you get to climb into the front cockpit seat of a German-built Extra 300L certified aerobatic plane which can reach up to 403 km/h. Instructors—all former military pilots—sit in the back and can take over controls at any time. It feels like riding a rollercoaster without the rails. For total bragging rights, you also get a video of your inflight experience and the leather patch from your flight suit.