24 Hours on US$24 in Honolulu

We challenged a panel of tight-fisted (but high-living) islanders to create a day’s worth of fun for (almost free).  


Cost: $1.50

Fuel up with the carb-packed local favourite, Spam musubi— rice, canned ham and seaweed (available from most convenience stores).


Cost: Free

Hike up Diamond Head Crater for stunning views of Honolulu and its verdant, craggy surroundings (enter off Diamond Head Road between Makapuu Avenue and 18th Avenue).


Cost: $8.70

Join the workday crowd for a Hawaii-style plate lunch and coffee at the President Obama-approved Rainbow Drive-In (3308 Kanaina Ave.; 808-737-0177; rainbowdrivein.com).


Cost: Free

Stroll, swim or snooze on Waikiki Beach. Be sure to bring some suntan lotion.

Early Evening

Cost: Free

Walk in gratis and watch Kanoe Miller hula dance at House Without a Key (Halekulani Hotel, 2199 Kalia Rd.; 808-923-2311;halekulani.com).


Cost: $7.75

Finish off the day with a steaming bowl of ramen at Waikiki’s Ezogiku noodle café (2146 Kalakaua Ave.; 808-926-8616).


Cost: Free

Don’t buy a ticket to a Waikiki Shell concert—hear the music for free outside while strolling Waikiki’s Kapiolani Park (3902 Paki Ave., Honolulu).


John Heckathorn

John Heckathorn is the editor of HAWAII Magazine and hawaiimagazine.com. He's lived in the Aloha State for more than 30 years.