The ultimate Las Vegas buffet

For $40, Bacchanal has the winning hand in the bizarro world of Vegas buffets

The latest addition to Vegas’ food-glam scene opened last month at Caesar’s Palace—the US$17-million Bacchanal Buffet. Promptly dubbed the No. 1 buffet in Vegas by the USA Today this is one fun place to be a fat American. Bigger than all of the other buffets in Vegas with 553 items, this 600-seat upscale restaurant has become a dining destination where one can graze for hours amongst its nine food stations. But the look is not of a mass feedery— instead, you’ll find a chic and uber-modern space designed by the Japanese design firm, Sweet Potato. Curvy curtains of light blond wood (9,500 pieces of wood were used to be exact) separate the seven types of table clusters as do walls of glass (8,800 pieces were used) and steel (4,500 chunks were employed). And the numbers don’t stop there—some 3,607 glass jars filled with colourful spices and food products line the walls and frame the kitchens as do the 16,027 bowls, plates, glasses and jars that you’ll see stacked on shelves throughout, giving the 25,000 sq. ft. space a homey feel. Riffing on Disney’s Fast Pass idea, the $15 line pass bumps guests (yes, the queues can last up to two hours) into a shorter line where, behind a rope, you can feast on the eat-o-rama that awaits.


  • Bacchanal Buffet: Salads

    Pace yourself. It’s now that you likely wished you were wearing preggo pants or a MuMu. Slow down and head to the salad bar where you can fix your own salad from dozens of uber-fresh options to premade bowls of Greek, artichoke, bean, orzo and more pasta salads.

  • Bacchanal Buffet: Italian food station

    What’s a buffet without a whack of Italian fare? From a charcuterie counter to another that boasts of flaky calzone, uber-thin crusted pizza, mini-baskets of calamari and or course pizza and lasagna, the selection is immense and nothing hangs around getting tepid under a heating lamp.

  • Bacchanal Buffet: Mexican food station

    Rest a moment and look around before you head to the sushi bar or the Mexican station. Notice the glass walls, the open kitchens and all the chit chat between customers and chefs that don’t typically happen at conventional buffets.

  • Bacchanal Buffet: Stir-fry station

    If the sizzle and lure of fresh garlic makes you swoon, head to the Chinese food station and customize your stir-fry. Spend a few minutes chatting to these chefs and you’ll see the non-stop labour that an operation like this requires.

  • Bacchanal Buffet: Dessert station

    Depending on your preference you can end your sinful ways with a selection of international cheeses or sky-high desserts. Try a portion of souffle, Baba, Tiramisu, apple crumble, key lime cheesecake, macarons, crème brulee . . . the list of sweet endings is over a 100 items long.

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