Top 5 things to eat in Park X

Head to Montreal's working class neighbourhood for some good eats.

Next time you're in Montreal, head to the working class neighbourhood Park Extension for some good eats.

  • Mutton Ginger Karahi at 786 Halal Restaurant

    Make sure to opt for the bone-in version of this spicy stew at the neighbourhood’s best Pakistani restaurant.


  • Fufu with pepper soup at Afrodiziac

    Locals know this West Africa eatery for its glacial service. When your ball of cassava fufu finally arrives, eat it with your fingers.


  • Lahmajoun at Arouch

    This crispy Armenian “pizza”—topped with a thin spread of ground beef, garlic, tomato and parsley—tastes even better with a squeeze of fresh lemon.


  • Chicken Vindaloo at Maison Indian Curry

    The extreme spice of the Maison’s vindaloo provides the perfect excuse for a Cobra or Taj Mahal beer, both served on tap.


  • Calamari at Marven’s

    People in the neighbourhood might say Marven’s is not what it used to be, but the platefuls of crisp squid still justify the weekend lineups.


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