Summer music festivals 101

Can't-miss summer festivals: tips, where to fuel up and wacky artists' requests.


Ottawa, Ont. (July 4 - 15)

This giant festival in LeBreton Flats in downtown Ottawa, has music from a wide array of genres on six stages. Alice Cooper, Blue Rodeo, City and Colour, Iron Maiden and Lauryn Hill will all be playing. (bluesfest.ca)


Buy tickets in advance or you will be waiting in two lines. Once inside, head next to the sound tent for the best aural experience. There’s a reason it’s located where it is.

Fuel up

There are six beer gardens in the grounds but head to the one on the West end of the field. It’s the furthest from the front gate but it has the shortest lines.

Artist Request

One artist was weary of the cool night temperatures and demanded propane heaters at the sides of the stage.

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