Sneak peak: You Gotta Eat Here!

Comedian John Catucci takes you on a culinary tour of greasy spoons across Canada in Food Network Canada's newest show.

  • Episode 1: John's Place

    Catucci indulges in more than 10 varieties of Eggs Benny at John's Place in Victoria, BC.

  • Episode 2: Pizzeria Napoletana

    In this episode, John Catucci crushes tomatoes by hand at the family-run Pizzeria Napoletana in Montreal, QC.

  • Episode 3: Hoito Restaurant

    John gets a history lesson with the Finnish-style pancakes at Hoito Restaurant in Thunder Bay, ON.

  • Episode 4: The Tomahawk

    John shows off his dance moves for the bacon mushroom cheeseburger at this spot in North Vancouver, BC.

  • Episode 5: Busters BBQ

    Host John Catucci travels to Ontario's wilderness for Busters BBQ's killer sauce in Vermilion Bay, ON.

  • Episode 6: Prince Albert's Diner

    Featured at this London, ON joint is a burger staple of bacon and peanut butter on a quarter pounder.

  • Episode 6: Tide and Boar Café

    From the boar poutine to the ketchup, this Moncton, NB joint makes everything in-house. Also, find out what a "beeramisu" is.

  • Episode 7: The Armview Diner

    Catucci prepares updated classics at this Halifax institution, where the fish comes straight from the shore.

  • Episode 11: Topanga Café

    Signature dishes include wet burrito with extra guacamole and homemade chocolate cake.


  • Episode 13: Schwartz's Deli

    John gets schooled on making the perfect smoked-meat sandwich in Montreal, QC.

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