Hollywood North: cinematic-inspired highlights in Vancouver and Toronto

See film, will travel? Here's your guide for a dose of star-spotting, location tours and festival hobnobbing.

There’s no doubt good movies and television shows move us in ways that resonate long after the credits roll and the season wraps up. So it’s no surprise that film tourism, where the wanderlust stems from some innate desire to fall back into the fictional worlds of the small and big screens, is taking off.

Just look at what The Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand. Or how scores of women signed up for Sex and the City bus tours in Manhattan once the series ended and how Harry Potter addicts continue to fill The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.

In Canada, the booming film scene is bookended by Toronto and Vancouver—the latter produces the third-largest number of TV shows and films of any North American city, after Los Angeles and New York. And Ontario set a record $1.26 billion last year for film and TV productions. In 2010, the star-studded Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) had a $170-million impact on the city’s economy.

Here’s a primer on how to get in the middle of Vancouver and Toronto’s lights, camera, action.

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