Ziplining in a winter wonderland

Imagine yourself ripping through the sky at a heart-pounding 80 km/h on a zipline that hangs 70 metres above snow-capped trees.


Look ahead and see panoramic views of old-growth trees, peaks and canyons of Grouse and Dam mountains while hearing the exhilarated whoop of another person right over your left shoulder. Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain Zipline has dual lines so you can strap in and zoom off with a buddy or another rider riding parallel to you across all five consecutive lines. Allot yourself two hours to complete the whole experience, which includes a tramway ride to the top, practice runs around the lakes and meadows and another chairlift to the peak. The entire way, you’re strapped into a safety harness that has you almost lying back, facing skyward. No prior ziplining experience is needed, and it’s one of those adventures where you’ll get an adrenaline rush before, during and after. ($105 per person, includes gondola fare and zipline)

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