Packing tips from CMT's Elissa Lansdell

Canadian TV personality Elissa Lansdell shares her tips on how and what to pack.

As a correspondent for CMT who regularly flies around the world chasing interviews and commuting from her home in Oakville to work in Nashville, Elissa Lansdell is definitely a frequent flyer. Add to that vacations with her daughter and husband, Keech Rainwater, drummer for the country music group Lonestar, and Lansdell has had to learn a thing or two about packing. "I'm still not a master of it," she told up!magazine while she was in Calgary as the host of My RONA Home earlier this year. "I should be, but there's always a new trick to learn."

The tricks she has learned so far she is happy to pass along, though.

Lansdell strongly recommends space saver bags. "They're like giant ziplock bags that save your life," she joked, but she does warn against the kind that require a vacuum — you never know if you're staying at a hotel there often won't be one available.

"The most important thing is not only how to pack, but how and when to unpack," Landsell said. "Get everything right out of the suitcase as soon as you get there. Hang anything wrinkled up in the bathroom."

She also travels with a mini clothing steamer to deal with anything a shower won't steam out. Shoes can take up a lot of space so Lansdell recommends packing multi-use footwear such as ballet flats and high-heeled sandals that can work with both casual and dress outfits.

Because so much of her travel is work-related, creating a comfortable and low-stress environment is also key to Lansdell and she says she always travels with her favourite bubble bath, a scented candel and a corkscrew as well as a set of water fillable weights. "Exercise is a great destressor," she said.

To remember all of these things, Lansdell leaves herself voicemails during the week before a trip to make sure she's packed everything she may need.

And her best tip: "If you travel to the States, pick up a bunch of customs forms. Keep the spares with your passport and fill them out at home the night before. Then you're not trying to do it with your arms full of luggage."

Catch Elissa Lansdell on Citytv's My RONA Home. And check out our reader travel tips to see how they compare to Elissa's and yours.


Photo by o5com used under creative commons.

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