Lake Louise WinterStart World Cup 2010 (w/ Video)

Come celebrate the start of winter in Banff and Lake Louise with two weekends of events fun for both residents and visitors. 

In Banff and Lake Louise, the holiday season doesn’t start until the WinterStart Festival begins.

The wonderfully frigid event, which also signals both the start of winter frost and an insurmountable amount of snow, gives rise to an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world’s greatest Olympic alpine ski racers from over 21 different nations.

What's the Deal?

Presented by Bombardier, the 2010 Lake Louise WinterStart World Cup, renowned globally as the kick start to the men’s and ladies World Cup speed season, sees international athletes compete in a total of five races to contend for top honours on some of the world’s most famous World Cup alpine racing courses.

Let the Games Begin

Spanning just two weekends beginning with the men’s downhill on Saturday, November 27, and men’s super G the subsequent day, the event will end with women’s super G on December 5, following women’s downhill on December 3 & 4, 2010, which will give you just enough time to recharge before the holiday-hoopla of Christmas.

And the best part is yet to come: the 2010 Bombardier Lake Louise WinterStart, an event quite similar to that early-2010 Olympic affair you were never able to get tickets to, is free for all fans who plan to attend (this includes entry to the public festival area!).

So get out those heavy mittens and thick woolen blankets and get yourself down to the slopes before December 5, or WinterStart will blow away for yet another year.


Here's your chance to check out what true excitement transpires at Lake Louise's annual WinterStart World Cup—it's dynamite!

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