Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd is serving up a whole new type of spirit


Dan Aykroyd is a big drinker. Well, at least, a particular one. After lending his name to a brand of wine and bringing Patron Tequila to Canada, the actor-musician ventured into vodka.

“I wanted to make a vodka that had the old alcohol punch that I remember when I had a screwdriver in college after class,” Aykroyd says. But, instead of the oils and sugars that are added to most vodka, his Crystal Head Vodka uses five-million-year-old Herkimer “diamonds.” And, no, he hasn’t been sampling too much of his product.

Crystal Head Vodka is distilled over crystal quartz, which is actually a semi-precious stone that emerges from the earth already faceted with clarity and shape that rival diamonds. The vodka’s glass bottle is modelled on the incredibly lifelike quartz-rock Mitchell-Hedges skull.

Thirty judges at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition preferred Crystal Head Vodka over 200 other products. They awarded it double gold, another hit in Aykroyd’s distinguished career.

“I was able to put some good things in front of their eyeballs with some of the better movies I made, some good music with John [Belushi] when we were doing the Blues Brothers, and now I’m able to put something on people’s tongues,” says Aykroyd. What’s up next? L’eau de Conehead?


Photography by Jared Sych.

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